Coast by Opera.

iPad's perfect match.

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Re-imagine browsing

Built from scratch for your tablet, Coast focuses on intuitive, swipe-gesture controls. This allows you to focus on the web, not how you navigate it.

Enjoy powerful, visual search

Pull down to type in a web address or search Google. Search results and site suggestions deliver your content swiftly.

Personalize how you enter the web

Keep your favorite sites at your fingertips by dragging them onto the home screen. Create your own space and enjoy quick access to your most-loved content.

Get the newest content, automatically

Pages stay open and update silently in the background. You can easily swipe between sites and stay on top of their latest updates. 

Why is there a back button in iPad browsers? The iPad is, after all, designed for touch. You swipe, drag and use gestures to move around.

Websites and apps today invite you to interact in new ways, but browsers have been stuck in a keyboard-and-mouse world. They felt outdated, and that bothered us. Why? Because we make browsers for a living. We are passionate about making the internet better.

Look, I knew we could do better. A lot better. For me, that meant rethinking what a browser should be. We saw a great opportunity to build something from scratch. Made simple and elegant. The result is a completely new browser, designed for your iPad. We call it Coast, and we’re pretty sure you’ll like it.


Coast by Opera, you deserve a better browser for your iPad.

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Available on the App Store